Olive Leaf Boosts Immune System

Protect Yourself from Coronavirus – Boost Your Immune System With Olive Leaf Extract

Corona Virus Outbreak: A Better Way To Protect Yourself From The Infection The top 2 anti-viral supplements to consider: vitamin D and vitamin C (with flavonoids). Quercetin also has strong anti-viral qualities. Among probiotics, I prefer L salivarius K12 ( Read More

Olive Leaf and Inflammation

Olive Leaf Extract Battles Inflammation

Olive Leaf Extract Battles Inflammation A number of studies first conducted on mice, then humans, have found that oleuropein has major anti-inflammatory properties. And since inflammation is responsible for no shortage of physical and mental health issues, this is a Read More

Olive Leaves May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Olive Leaf Extract Can Help Support Healthy Blood Pressure

Olive Leaf Extract: Clinically Proven A couple of studies illustrate olive leaf benefits patients with prehypertension and stage 1 hypertension, making it an effective high blood pressure supplement. After discovering that it effectively treated hypertension in rats, Swiss and German Read More